Solo Songs

Double Play



Gone EP – all tracks


Atlantis (prod. by Pazzo & Prince)

The Beast (prod. by Jim Cerrano & Rayvan)

Be There (prod. by Phael & the Heat)

Carousel (prod. by Ed Hektik)

Control (prod. by Midnight Wolves & Matt Felix)

Endless Summer (prod. by Wizzay)

Gravity (prod. by eedion & Raccunna)

Here and Now (prod. by Split Origin & Blanee)

Hidden Love (prod. by Tushar)

In Your Eyes (prod. by Ed Hektik)

Indecision (prod. by Split Origin & Calax)

Light (prod. by Sam Koxx)

Like Tomorrow (prod. by Ericsson)

Limitless (prod. by Scansion & Dylan Smith)

Nothing (prod. by The Immature Kids & UMID)

Phantom (prod. by Ed Hektik)

Potion (prod. by Jeiang & Draxtell)

Right Here (prod. by Feb)

Secrets (prod. by Fadent)

Stars (prod. by Ed Hektik)

Summer Vibes (prod. by Sash_S)

Trajectory (prod. by Tushar & Denaser)

Wait Forever (prod. by Ed Hektik)